Bejeweled Easter Egg Decor

I was very excited to make this Bejeweled Easter Egg Decor but I was unprepared for how long it takes to actually glue on five million little rhinestones, sequins, and beads. That’s why you got to see my Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner for the Bling on the Spring Craft Blog Hop first instead of this one. That’s okay! The more crafts the merrier, right?

Bejeweled Easter Egg Decor Wood Bling Craft Tutorial

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Bejeweled Easter Egg Decor


Bejeweled Easter Egg Decor steps

one: Paint the egg shape with a white base coat first to cover the wood color.

two: Once the white paint is dry, paint it pink (or whatever color you prefer). I painted just one coat for full coverage. Make sure to not make the paint layers too thick.

three: While all that paint is drying, plan out how you will embellish each stripe of the egg. You want to make sure you have enough supplies for full coverage. If you’re like me, you got some of your supplies a while ago and won’t be able to grab more of the same.

four: Once the paint is completely dry, apply Mod Podge to a small section at a time and stick your embellishments onto it. You’ll have a little bit of time to move pieces around, but you’ll need to work quickly so the glue doesn’t start to dry before you get to it.

five: Add more embellishments. And more embellishments.

TIP: Sequins, Mod Podge, and painted wood do not like each other. They simply would not stick unless I wanted to make sequin Mod Podge soup or glue each little sequin on individually. Nope.

six: Add a string of sequins or other sparkly ribbon in between the rows of embellishments.

seven: You will want to let this dry overnight to make sure it set before try moving it around and sit it upright. You don’t want those gems sliding down the egg!

That’s it! I know this Bejeweled Easter Egg Decor takes a lot more time than a lot of crafts, but to be honest, I really enjoyed adding all the little pieces. It was like coloring with beads and rhinestones! Last year I made the Glittered Easter Egg Decoration and the Glittered Easter Bunny Decoration, both completely covered in glitter and I thought those were a handful!

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