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A Little About Us

We started The Inspiration Vault because as two best friends who both love to craft and love to make DIY party supplies, we knew with our powers combined, we’d be able to create a valuable service to you. We decided to create a place where you can not only find inspiration for your next party or craft, but also a place that will equip you with the steps and sometimes the tools needed to accomplish it. We have discovered wonderful ideas on Pinterest only to click a link to nowhere or to a website that simply says “look what I did” and not much more. This is not our goal. We want you to leave our site feeling like you know how to tackle your next project and have a place to go where you can ask questions and get answers. We want you to Be Inspired!

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Marie Dabbs

Hi, I’m Marie. I’ve been obsessed with crafting for most of my life. I love to experiment with new crafting techniques as well as making the classics. Over the years and after three kids involved in various activities, I discovered my other passion, event planning. I love making my own decorations and styling rooms for parties. I’m at my happiest when I can combine crafts and party styling. It’s so much fun!



Aleisha Harmon

Hello, I’m Aleisha. I have always been interested in the crafting world. Growing up I would often find myself in my grandma’s sewing room or in my mom’s craft room “helping” with whatever task they would give me. As an adult, my love for crafting turned into a degree in Event Planning, where entertaining and crafting collide. When I am not crafting or entertaining, I am spending as much time as I can get with my family. I’m also a complete Disney Junkie.



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