Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece

Unfortunately, my house is low on Easter decorations. Christmas and Halloween are covered. I’m not exaggerating, I have totes and totes full of decorations. Sadly, we have only about three Easter decorations, so I decided to make a simple and Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece. The best part? It only cost me a few dollars to make thanks to Dollar Tree. Don’t you just love that store?

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Craft Tutorial

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Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece


Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Materials


one: If you didn’t buy a filler that was the correct shape for your bucket,  cut or shave your foam form down to size. I suggest using a serrated knife. The softer foam forms may very well squish down into it without cutting.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 1

two: After fitting the form or filler, hot glue the base to the inside bottom of the bucket. Be sure to use the low heat setting.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 2

three: Cover the foam with Easter grass. I left a place for my bunny’s bottom to sit. This helped prevent it from falling out.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 3

four: Put some glue on the bunny’s butt and place her into the grass. Note: I replaced the ugly bow around her neck with a pretty pink one.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 4


Step 5: Glue the foam eggs around the bunny and the base of the bucket.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 5a

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 5b

six: If you want to add some height, you can also add a couple of Easter egg picks to the centerpiece.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 6

That’s it! This took me about 10 minutes to do! I was actually shocked at how simple and inexpensive this was to make. Now my Easter decoration count can go up to five! Easter isn’t one of those holidays where I get excited to make or put out loads of decorations like I do with Halloween or Christmas, but if I keep making cute projects like this Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece, I just might change my mind.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Complete

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