Glittered Polka Dot Champagne Flutes

I saw a funny post going around Facebook talking about how the days between Christmas and New Year’s seem to just blend together and you lose track of what day it is. Well, that was me this week. I had this whole cute Glue Dot project set for before New Year’s and I completely spaced. I figured I’d share these  Glittered Polks Dot Champagne Flutes with you even though New Year’s Eve is tomorrow because you can seriously whip these up in 10 to 15 minutes, tops.

I found the 2-pack of champagne flutes and the Glue Dots (who knew!?) at Dollar Tree and being the craftanista that I am, I had the fine glitter on hand. While I used the traditional silver and gold, your imagination is your only limit when it comes to color.

Glittered Polka Dot Champagne Flutes Tutorial

Champagne Flutes Materials

  • Plastic Champagne Flutes (As Many as You Choose)
  • 12 Glue Dots Per Flute
  • Fine Glitter
  • Medium, Soft Paintbrush to Brush off Glitter

Glittered Polka Dot Champagne Flutes Materials

Champagne Flutes Instructions

Step 1: Stick four Glue Dots on the flute with random spacing.

Glittered Polka Dot Champagne Flutes Step 1

Step 2: Sprinkle silver glitter onto each Glue Dot. Press the glitter into the dot and then sprinkle and press it again until there are no sticky parts exposed.

Glittered Polka Dot Champagne Flutes Step 2

Step 3: Brush off the excess glitter with the paintbrush.

Glittered Polka Dot Champagne Flutes Step 3

Step 4: Repeat these steps for the gold glitter.

Glittered Polka Dot Champagne Flutes Step 4

Step 5: If you like, you can add Glue Dots to the base of the flute as well. Use the same method to glitter them.

Glittered Polka Dot Champagne Flutes Step 5

Easy Peasy! These champagne flutes turn out so nicely considering how easy and inexpensive they are to make.

Glittered Polka Dot Champagne Flutes Complete

Have you ever decorated your own champagne flutes for New Year’s Eve? How did you do it? I’m thinking this method would also be cute for plastic wine glasses or other plastic cups.

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Be Inspired!

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