Die Hard Christmas Ornament

Every year during the holidays, my family watches Die Hard. You could say it’s an unorthodox tradition, but it’s our tradition nonetheless. We were watching the movie this past summer, however, when I got the inspiration for this Die Hard Christmas Ornament. If there’s one thing that’s all over the place in that movie, it’s broken glass and bullet casings. I thought those would look pretty cool together inside of a clear ornament and it would also pay a funny tribute to the movie. Plus I love sparkly and shiny things! Now if you’re thinking “Hey! Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie!” I welcome you to Google the debate and see for yourself that it’s official.  Okay, now that we’ve settled that, let me show you how to make one of these ornaments for yourself.

Also, this ornament is part of a 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop and movie crafts or recipes are the topic for the second day, so be sure to see all of the other fun movie-inspired things down below. Let’s get started!

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Die Hard Christmas Ornament DIY Craft Tutorial

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Die Hard Christmas Ornament


Die Hard Christmas Ornament Materials

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Steps

1. If you’re cutting your letters with your Cricut, open Design Space and create two text boxes that say “Yippee” and “Ki-Yay” at no more than 3 inches wide. Change the font to Cricut’s “Friday” font or to one of your choice.

Now, if you’d like to add the last word of that quote to your ornament, go right ahead, I think it’d be very funny. I might add it to the other side once I don’t have a young reader in the house, lol. Or you could add your favorite quote, but all the good ones are pretty cussy.

If you’re using letter stickers, stick them onto your ornament and skip to step #4.

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 1

2. Cut the words out on your Cricut and weed out the negative space.

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 2

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 2b

3. Apply the wording to the ornament with transfer tape or equivalent. I used a piece of clear packing tape. Works like a charm.

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 3a

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 3b

4. Carefully remove the ornament hanger piece from the ornament.

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 4

5. Place all of the bullet casings into the ornament.

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 5

6. Very carefully place the broken tempered glass pieces into the ornament without touching the glass.  I made a little funnel out of paper. It is sharp and will cut you. We don’t need the added effect of blood!

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 6a

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 6b

7. (Optional) Print, cut out and place some of the miniature bearer bonds into the ornament. I forgot to add mine until after I had glued it shut. Boo.

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 7

FREE Printable Mini Bearer Bonds!Bearer Bonds Pic

8. Replace the ornament hanger piece and add a little bit of the tacky glue to make sure that puppy isn’t coming off. You really don’t want that glass all over your floor. (Especially if you’re barefoot…)

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 8

9. Wrap and glue some of the gold ribbon around that hanger piece to cover it if needed. Tie a pretty bow around it. Use the remaining ribbon to make a hanger loop for the ornament.

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 9a

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 9b

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Step 9c

That’s it! This Die Hard Christmas Ornament is pretty darn simple to make for such an off-the-wall subject. If you have a hard time getting your hands on some empty bullet casings to use or the idea of using them freaks you out a bit, just leave them out and use the glass and bearer bonds, no biggie. A family friend makes their own ammo, so I was able to grab these with little effort. If you shoot at a range or know someone who does, they could likely grab some for you as well. As for the glass, those guys at the auto glass place were laughing so hard when I told them why I needed some. I’m telling you, if you know someone who loves this movie like we do, they’d get a real kick out of this ornament.

Die Hard Christmas Ornament Complete

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