Oh, the Crafts I Would Buy!

Walk through your local craft store. It’s overwhelming! Just stepping into the store I feel like my creative juices are on overload. Oh, the Crafts I Would Buy! I’m like a dog drooling over a bone! I see silk floral arrangements on my left, oh what wonderful wreaths I could make. I see little mason jars on my right, how cute would these be as silverware holders for a rustic themed party?

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I haven’t stepped more than five feet into the store and I am already in hyperdrive. My husband and son hate when I tell them I “need” to run into the craft store for just a moment. We all three know that I am going to take more than just a moment. If I could, I would spend hours in there.Oh the Things I Would Buy Giant Rose

I can’t paint, but I will spend 15 to 20 minutes looking at canvases and professional artist paints. I will just stand there and imagine what I would paint if I could truly paint. But when I get into the aisles for the craft stuff I do know about, such as the cake baking aisle or the polymer clay aisle, all hope is lost for my husband and son to get me out quickly.

Oh the Things I Would Buy Mason Jars

My recent trip to the craft store got me thinking, “If I could have any product in here what would I want?” You may think that’s an easy question. And for some, I’m sure you knew immediately what you would get.

Oh the Things I Would Buy Paint Brushes

There is probably an item that you have been fawning over for months just waiting for the right coupon and/or sale to come along for you to pounce. For me, that’s a tough question. I have so many different interests at different times, that to say I want one particular special item is hard. So I decided to break it down by my interests.

Oh the Things I Would Buy Spray Paint

Cake Decorating

This is actually quite simple. I would buy a Wilton Tool Caddy. I am so tired of spilling my cake decorating tips all over the floor in my pantry. I can’t tell you how many bottles of my icing dyes have leaked all over my sprinkle containers. It’s such a waste of money and that stuff is hard to get off your fingers!

Update: Marie bought me one of these for my birthday and I absolutely love it! It as just the right amount of space for all of my cake decorating supplies.

Oh the Things I Would Buy Wilton Tool Caddy

Needle Felting

I would love a Needle Felting Mat Brush and/or the Needle Felting Handle Holder with the 7 needles in it. I know these are two, but they are both needed. Right now I use a Styrofoam sponge to poke the felt and the needle sometimes goes through it and pokes my leg or fingers. Blood and felt don’t really complement each other well.

Update: Marie also bought me this set for my birthday. Let’s just say this combo makes needle felting a lot less painful!

Oh the Things I Would Buy Needle Felting Tools


The Silhouette Cameo is my #1 pick! This thing is awesome. I have the very first Cricut that only does the 6”X12” paper. The Silhouette can cut any length. It will even allow you to create your own temporary tattoos! Considering how I love to create decorations for DIY parties, it would be great to be able to just print out my own temporary tattoos for the goody bags.

Update: My wonderful husband bought me a Cricut Explore Air for Christmas! While it’s not the Cameo, I have to say I absolutely love all the features that come with it. It’s a huge upgrade from those older model Cricuts.

Oh the Things I Would Buy Silhouette Cameo

Polymer Clay

I really need the Oven Bake Clay Template. This will allow me to be more accurate when creating tutorials and make my creations more uniform. Creating a Yoda with one arm fatter and longer than the other doesn’t really look all that great.

Oh the Things I Would Buy Oven Bake Clay Template

Honestly, I should probably just work at a craft store so that I can use the employee discount to support my habit! I would own the whole store if I could. Who needs a “She Shed” when you own the craft store? But for now, I will have to keep dreaming about the Crafts I Would Buy. What about you? What item would you buy at the craft store if money was no object and why?

(I was not paid to promote any of the products listed above. I genuinely like them.)

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Hello, I'm Aleisha. I have always been interested in the crafting world. Growing up I would often find myself in my grandma's sewing room or in my mom's craft room "helping" with whatever task they would give me. As an adult, my love for crafting turned into a degree in Event Planning, where entertaining and crafting collide. When I am not crafting or entertaining, I am spending as much time as I can get with my husband and sweet son, Drew (8). I am also a complete Disney Junkie and love all things Disney.

2 thoughts on “Oh, the Crafts I Would Buy!

  1. First, I would hire a designer to design my craft room (or the crap room, as my family has dubbed it) so it is functional and has a place for all the things I want. I go to ikea and salivate over the craft room they have set up there. I can see myself crafting in that space!
    So the things I would fill my craft room with are an endless supply of photo albums to put all the pictures I have dating back to my great grandparents and a scanner that I could easily use to scan those pictures to my computer.
    I, like you, would also like a cake decorating caddy my supplies are a mess and I can never find what I’m looking for. I threw out a bunch of dyes yesterday because they had leaked all over each other. I couldn’t tell which color was what.
    I would also get every shape and size of paper punch I could find. I borrowed a friends circle punches recently and had no idea what I was missing in my crafting repertoire.
    I’m sure if I went to a craft store I would find tons of other stuff I “need”. But at least gives me a start for my wish list!

    1. Jenni, a scanner for the craft room is a great idea!! IKEA can be dangerous too for an avid crafter. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to IKEA hacks! And I can relate to the leaking colors. I went to find sprinkles last week and after searching came out with red gel all over my hand. It’s aggravating.

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