Colorful Felt Halloween Banner

Say it with me craft fans, “I was in Target’s Bullseye section…” But seriously, they have the cutest Halloween craft materials out there. You honestly can’t beat getting such a cute Colorful Felt Halloween Banner for only $4. I don’t know what they originally intended the felt shapes to be used for, but I instantly thought banner. Add some baker’s twine and some fun straws and bam, instant banner. I think this banner is perfect for hanging as a decoration for a Halloween Party or for the whole month of October. Let’s get started.


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Colorful Felt Halloween Banner




Step 1: Punch two small holes into the tops of all of the felt shapes.


Step 2: Cut the Halloween straws into four equal-sized segments.


Step 3: Cut 8-feet of baker’s twine.


Step 4: Take a felt shape and thread the baker’s twine through both holes, front to back on the left one, back to front on the right one.


Step 5: Thread one segment of straw onto the string.


Step 6: Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until you have used all of the felt pieces. Make sure to add a piece of straw to each end as well.


Step 7: Tie loops onto each end of the baker’s twine to make it easier to hang.


That’s it! Don’t you love easy crafts? Sometimes it’s nice to not spend hours waiting for paint or glue to dry, lol. I was thinking, this would be a cute banner with paper, too, so for all of you with a Cricut, I’ve included  FREE SVG files of a Pumpkin & Spiderweb you can cut on different bright-colored paper.


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