Batman Comic Book Photo Prop

My son saw a Batman Comic Book Photo Prop on Pinterest and begged me to make one for his Batman Party. Of course, he wanted a completely different cover, though. I may be crafty, but I am certainly not artistic. Thankfully, my very artistic daughter was still home on break and agreed to sketch out the cover for me. After she drew it and outlined it in black, I filled it in with paint. She was kind enough to put a dab of each color needed in the correct space, so I didn’t mess it up.

Batman Comic Book Photo Prop Tutorial Party Decoration


  • 39.5 by 59.5 inch sheet of white foamboard
  • Pencil
  • Various colors of matte acrylic paint as needed
  • Various paint brushes
  • Box cutter or Exacto knife
  • (Optional) black and white water-based medium point paint pens


Step 1: Sketch the image you want to paint on the foamboard. Draw an empty oval for the face(s) and make sure it’s big enough to fit your child’s face.

Cover Step 1

Step 2: Use the box cutter to cut out the ovals for the faces.

Step 3: Use either a black paint pen or black paint on a brush to outline what you have drawn. It will be like drawing the cartoon to be filled in later. The paint pen will give you a much smoother and cleaner line. I used Sharpie’s water-based paint pen like these on Amazon. It will also be helpful to fill in any smaller areas.

Cover Step 3

Step 4: Fill in with paint colors as needed.

Cover Step 4

Step 5: Outline any areas that need to be emphasized, like where two dark colors meet, with a white paint pen. Again, you can use a brush, but the pen will produce better results.

Cover Step 5

Step 6: Take fun photos and keepsakes for party guests!

Finished Cover

You could use this Batman Comic Book Photo Prop for many events beyond just superheroes parties. In fact, we donated it to the local library for them to use for their superhero-themed Summer reading program. The kids loved posing for pictures with it and I used the prints for thank you cards for all of our guests. Win, win!

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Be inspired!

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